2022 China-CEEC Children’s Environmental Exhibition Series of Events took place in Beijing

March 3, 2022, the series of events of the select artworks exhibition of 2021 China-CEEC Children's Environmental Painting Online Exhibition successfully unfolded at China-CEEC Cooperation People-to-People Exchange and Experience Center.


Chinese representatives and diplomatic envoys of Central and Eastern European in China countries gathered and enjoyed the 100 top picks from the . 2021 China-CEEC Children's Environmental Painting Online Exhibition out of over 170,000 entries submitted from Central and Eastern European countries as well as.Guangzhou, Zhejiang, Liaoning and Beijing, among other domestic participating regions.


To better align with the theme of environmental protection, BOE state-of-the-art digital screens are employed to showcase the drawings at the exhibition, which integrates technology and environment while bringing artworks to life in optimal definition and visual effect.


On the sideline, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatment experience was provided by several TCM expert  as a special twist. This arrangement offered the diplomatic envoys of Central and Eastern European countries a chance to explore the wonders of Chinese medicine first hand by having them experience treatments including Acupuncture, Tuina and Auricular Point Acupressure on a voluntary basis.


The participating envoys of the Central and Eastern European countries in China collectively spoke highly of the event, applauding the event for promoting the people-to-people bond on cultural exchange level between deepening the cultural cooperation between China and Central and Eastern European countries, bringing new vigor to China-CEEC friendship. img17