China-CEEC Cooperation Chinese Traditional Culture Experience held at Haitang Huaxi



Recently, the event of China-CEEC Cooperation Chinese Traditional Culture Experience hosted by China-CEEC Cooperation People-to-People & Exchange Center successfully unfolded at Haitang Shengshi, Beijing, with more than 30 Chinese and foreign guests present.


This experience was centered around traditional Chinese culture, primarily in the forms of Chinese medicine, tea art, and flower art. Meanwhile, an expert panel from Beijing Oasis International Hospital was also invited to provide health consultation for the guests present. As the venue of this experience-based event - the Courtyard Haitang Shengshi with Beijing flair complemented this traditional cultural experience, serving up our guests an opportunity for a full-on immersive exploration of traditional Chinese cultural.


Chinese medicine is an indispensable part of its culture. Therefore, a number of famous experts were at the event to provide various Chinese medicine experiences including meridian and collateral pulse diagnosis, five luck and six qi as well as Tuina massage. Diplomatic representatives from Central and Eastern European countries showed keen interest in being part of the experience and all gave positive feedback afterwards.



The innovative experience integration project of tea and flower art was created by Ms. Tang Peimin, co-founder of Peking University Beneficial Walker Foundation, and her team. They extensively drew on Chinese and other forms of art, and presented an art feast that creatively blended tea and flower art, which as a result inspired guests’ understanding of tea ceremony whilst bringing the aesthetic in Chinese tea ritual to life.



The Exhibition of China-CEEC Cooperation Achievements had also drawn a lot of attention from diplomats from Central and Eastern European countries and Chinese representatives. The exhibition displayed a total of a hundred selected photos from previous events the Center has held since its establishment, celebrating the incredible cooperation achievements made so far between China and CEEC in the areas of education, technology, culture and commerce and trade. This demonstrates the purpose of the Center, which is strengthening people’s bond and win-win cooperation, provides a window into further China-CEEC people to people exchanges and cultural events.